Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How you should deal with the math Grid portion of the SAT

This is the only part of the SAT that is not multiple choice. You actually have to calculate the exact number (Highersat.com programs really help here) and fill in the grid.
The problems you will have on this section are that the grid can be confusing. You could very easily put the right number in the wrong column. This means that even though you got the right answer, you still got the question wrong. Another problem is that you can’t look at the answers (they do not give them to you) so you can not eliminate these choices. You also can not just plug the numbers given in order to see which ones work, like you can on the multiple choice portion of the test. Highersat.com programs are very useful for the multiple choice part also.

Some tips on how to Grid:
The first and easiest is to write your answer in the boxes above the columns before you fill in the ovals.
You should also use a whole number instead of an improper fraction. Convert fractions to decimals. Do not round up your decimals. Always drop the zero before the decimal point. Then put in as many digits as will fit.

If your answer is greater then 9999 or a negative number you know you have the wrong answer. You can not put these numbers into a grid.


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